Ouroboros Healer Album

Ouroboros Healer Album

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Ouroboros Healer is the first solo album of Enrique Spacca. It's an emotional, psychological and spiritual, homecoming a healing journey in which one must face both shadows and lights of oneself, decoding the unexplainable of our individuality through the symbols of the collective unconscious such as the Ouroboros (the serpent eating its tail), which is a symbol of immortality and represents the ability to nourish oneself with oneself. The Ouroboros in the album is also referring to the loops of our social dynamics, which are causing stagnation and sickness on many levels: this album is a calling for letting the circular movement of our life to spin up towards new octaves ⚕️.

Composed by Enrique Spacca

Lyrics by Enrique Spacca & Federico Spacca

Performed by

Charlotte Vuissoz: drums

Enrique Spacca: piano, lead vocals, backing vocals

Federico Capone: bass

Edoardo Segato-Figueroa: backing vocals

Racquel Segato-Figueroa: backing vocals

Ofer Dotan: cello

Les Trois Jeans: alphorns

Recorded and mixed by Sacha Ruffieux in Studio de la Fonderie, Fribourg, Switzerland; Mastered by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering, Portland.

Released on
October 22, 2022

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