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As a digital designer and visual artist I help brands, initiatives and institutions to manifest their visual potential and communicate it to the world. I’m Italian, half Colombian and currently based in Switzerland.
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CSP Vaud produces regular publications accessible to the general public. Recent brochures have covered topics like dental expenses, consumer credit, and the legal aspects of cohabitation, separation, and divorce.

I designed storyboards, style frames, and characters for three educational animated videos about the divorce process.

The challenge was to ensure that the message reached a wide variety of people from different cultural backgrounds, not all of whom were French native speakers. Additionally, a gender-inclusive mindset was applied to the character design. I collaborated with Kaosmovies, which handled the project logistics and animated the videos.

The process initiated with the creation of mood boards to define the characters and overall animation styles. Subsequently, I developed storyboards and transformed complex legal concepts into simple infographics. Collaborating with Kaosmovies, we engaged in extensive brainstorming sessions with the client. This involved in-depth discussions about style frames and storyboards, ensuring that the overall design was well-suited and ready for animation.

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